Exciting lubricants


There are days when, due to stress or fatigue, arousal can be weak or completely disappear at the moment of intimacy, then exciting gels and lubricants will come to the rescue. 


The stimulating lubricants contain stimulating ingredients that increase sensitivity, causing vasodilation and blood flow to the pelvic area. Exciting lubricants heighten sensations in both partners, promoting stable arousal, erection and brighter orgasms.


Exciting lubricants are divided by the purpose of women and men


  • In women, they provoke an active release of lubricant and a keen desire for intimacy. A stimulating lubricant should be applied to the entire vaginal area, clitoris and nipples a few minutes before intercourse


  • In men, it promotes a more active flow of blood to the genitals, due to which there are arousal and an increase in erection. The lubricant should be applied with massaging movements on the skin of the genital organ along its entire length 5-10 minutes before the start of intercourse


  • There are also universal stimulating lubricants that are suitable for use by both men and women


It is important to know that the risk of allergic reactions when using stimulant lubricants is quite high, so frequent use of such lubricants should be treated with caution. It is also worth considering the tolerance of the components by your partner, and if necessary, use a condom.