Essential guide to successful sex


For your partner and for better sex. Things to keep before and after a relationship. 


Clean, confidently


It was said that love leaves a scent. Even if I spend the night as if passing by, let's not make me remember my body odour as an odour. This is especially the case when you need to pay attention to viruses these days. Even in an urgent moment, wash every corner with plenty of foam with a shower towel. So that it can be fragrant even if you hug it from any angle. 


Slowly, gently


It's not that you feel the force and have an orgasm when you make it rough. If you make it hard, it just hurts. Because of the friction between the flesh and the flesh, it may be scratched and bruised. Caressing in the pre-insertion stage is better if it is slow and soft. As if young babies are playing tactile, use the back of the hand and the floor to sweep the other person's body or use the tongue. The same goes for kissing. Do not inhale with the momentum to pluck your tongue, but slowly appreciate the texture of the upper and lower lips. Carefully and gently.


Fair and without favouritism


Each person can admit their taste, but favouritism is prohibited. Do not behave as if you insist on a specific position that you like, or that I do not caress the other person while receiving caress. If you don't like to do it with your mouth, the other person can hate it. The other person responds only when I show my sincerity first. Don't forget that caressing is not a one-sided force, but a mutual sympathy to elevate each other's mood.


Kindly, sincerely


Just because ejaculation is over doesn't mean sex is over. I hope you don't rush into the bathroom in a hurry, and you and the other person feel pleasure in their own way and think that they've achieved it, but the last gateway remains. After finishing the treatment, hug it tightly, then remove the hair from the forehead due to sweat and blow out a small kiss. As soon as my breathing stopped, I said carefully, “Shall I go wash?” Let's not forget the consideration that asks. You have to finish this before you can put a period in sex. 


Meticulously, remember


Sex also needs feedback. Especially, even more so in the stage where they are still in harmony with each other. Was the ratio between foreplay and hoo-hee good, wasn't it too long or too short, did you ever get sick in a certain position? What is your favorite caress? That doesn't mean you should do a hogu investigation like a reporter. It means you have to have a conversation for as long as the time spent in sex. Remember your feedback and reflect on your next sex.