Electrical stimulation, or new sensations


Small discharges of electric current are capable of delivering true pleasure. Special devices for erotic electrical stimulation give sensations that cannot be compared with other ways of getting pleasure. The current can cause muscle contractions, a slight tingling sensation, or even mild pain that leads to very bright orgasms.


History of sexual electrical stimulation


In medicine, electrostimulators have been used for many years to treat many diseases. Exposure to small current discharges allows you to restore muscles after injuries, improve the work of individual organs, and even lose weight. Most hospitals use electrostimulators, which are completely safe. And it's even fun to use them.


That is why a German company once decided to retrain from the production of medical technology to the creation of items for interesting sex. Since 2005, Mystim has been creating devices that make erotic games more fun. Today it is the world leader in the production of electrical sex products .


In 2015, this company at the International Erotic Awards VENUS'2015 received 2 prizes at once: the best manufacturer of the year and the best E-stim line. The world community has recognized that sex products from Mystim are an opportunity to make your intimate life much more fun.


How to use electrostimulation


Mystim has created dozens of electrostimulation toys. Each of them is capable of giving unusual pleasures. Dildos , anal stimulators , prostate massagers, cock rings are connected to a special power supply. And with its help the parameters of influences are regulated.


The Mystim power supply is battery operated and allows you to connect and control multiple sex toys at the same time. You can change 3 parameters that allow you to find the optimal mode of operation for each person.


The pulse width is the duration of each electrical discharge. Each body is individual, so the optimal parameter must be chosen empirically. It is important to combine this relay with the intensity of the impact. It allows you to change the sensation from light tickling to small bumps. The effects are on the skin, the muscles are almost not affected. But it is possible to set such parameters that strong movements of the subcutaneous tissues will be noticeable.


You can also change the pulse frequency. And these can be individual point effects or direct current, which gives the impression of a light massage.


Electrical stimulation toys from Mystim


Most of the sex toys from Mystim have unusual designs. First, they are made of metal. This material perfectly conducts current, which makes it possible to experience all the features of electrical stimulation. At the same time, the toys are very pleasant to the touch. Secondly, they have an unusual shape, which gives additional pleasure. Thoughtful details: reliefs, protrusions - make it possible to influence different parts of the body.


Anal-vaginal stimulants may, when administered, be supplemented with a tickling sensation, massage, or even violent thrusts. Moreover, the impact is absolutely safe. Simultaneously to the power supplyyou can connect 2 or 3 toys to try double penetration or use a toy for each partner. Anal stimulants from Mystim are thoughtfully designed. They are easy to inject, they do not injure the skin when injected, but at the same time they give a lot of pleasant moments. They have special restraints that conveniently fix the devices, preventing them from being inserted too deeply. And the different diameter of the devices makes the application convenient for both beginners and advanced users.


You can also use urethral stimulators , electric rings for the penis or special gloves with the Mystim block , the touch of which will give an unusual sensation.


Electrostimulation is safe to use, all technologies are specially tested to ensure that there are no side effects. And today, electric games are becoming an increasingly popular experiment that makes life brighter.