Dripping wax how to play?


Speaking of SM, many people immediately came to mind, dripping wax, binding, clamps, whips... These seem to be easy, but they are really afraid to implement them. The main reason is that they don't understand.


First, I don’t understand the principle. Why can dripping wax bring strange pleasure to the other party? The second is that they don’t understand the methods and steps of operation. After all, these things still seem to be hazardous, but they are in fact like this. Only correct operations can avoid unnecessary harm.


Today, I’m going to talk to you about "Drop Wax", something that sounds a little scary, and what it is all about. As common and traditional gameplay in SM, dripping wax is actually a fairly common drama in this type of activity, and it is not as rare as everyone thinks.


When I was a child, if there was a power outage at home and the candle was lit, the child would always be unable to restrain his curiosity and pick up the candle. Tears of the candle would inevitably drop on the hand, and it instantly felt so hot and painful, but after a minute or two, the pain disappeared. , And it feels like nothing at all.


The interesting part of dripping wax is here. It can arouse your almost instinctive desire for pain without worrying about real harm. There is a saying that the brain’s mechanism for processing fear and pleasure is similar, both secreting adrenaline and endorphins, but because the brain knows that its current behaviour is safe, it redirects fear into pleasure.


Wax oil is between semi-liquid and semi-solid. I don't know when it will drip, where it will drip, or at what speed and temperature it will touch my skin. Fear, excitement, nervousness, and secret expectation in my heart, everything seems to be planned, but I am not under my control. It is clearly the painful party, but there is a sense of pleasure that I can’t help but is completely swallowed by expectations and desires. , It can be regarded as a rare experience in life.


For him, watching you struggling, twisting, and groaning under him, watching you pitifully begging for mercy, that will probably become the most time he wants to conquer you in his life.


This explanation, I wonder if it gave you a deeper understanding and expectation of Diwax?


What is a low-temperature candle?


Many people think that the candles used in SM are no different from the candles we usually use. But in fact, just like the hemp ropes and clips used in SM, the candles used in SM are not ordinary candles, but "low-temperature candles."


This kind of low-temperature candle has a lower temperature than ordinary candles, with a melting point of about 60°C, plus the cooling during the dropping process (by the way, adjusting the distance between the candle and the skin can control the temperature at which the wax oil contacts the human body). When it's on the skin, it's between 50~55℃. This temperature will not burn the skin, but will only produce very slight burns, but it can trigger the secretion of endorphins and breed pleasure.


As for ordinary candles, which are usually used candles, the melting point is generally around 80°C. The wax oil at this temperature drips on the body and may burn if you are not careful. Novices should not try it.


In addition to the temperature difference, good low-temperature candles now use natural beeswax as raw materials and add natural oil products such as olive oil, and aromatic substances such as essential oils.


The faint scent of such a candle after burning can not only create a comfortable and relaxing environment, but even the scents of jasmine and ylang-ylang have an aphrodisiac effect. And after enjoying the pleasure of hot wax dripping on the skin, you can continue to massage the body with this hot wax oil, rubbing it on her skin, and it feels smooth to the touch.


Site layout and props preparation


SM’s on-site layout, first of all, is the lighting, the brightness should not be too high, and a candlelight dinner is necessary to have the atmosphere. This kind of thing needs to pay more attention to the sentiment, otherwise, it will completely lose the sense of mystery that should have been possessed.


Of course, don't turn on the lights at all, as this will inevitably have safety concerns. You can turn on a warm yellow night light or desk lamp, or you can throw a flashlight under the bed, and the atmosphere instantly becomes ambiguous. If there is none, just light an extra candle and put it in a safe place. The candle sways ambiguously. The air is full of lust. Under the warm light, he looks so mysterious, full of power and control. You will have a kind of I don't know which second, you are about to die in the throbbing of his hands.


The atmosphere is set up, and some ice cubes or a wet towel twisted in advance must be prepared, in case she is really scalded, cold compresses can be applied in time to reduce his pain, and secondly, it can also avoid the body. Injured. If possible, prepare a scald ointment in advance for an emergency, although the probability is very low.


Also, considering the later cleaning, you can put a waterproof layer on the sheets (disposable sheets are recommended), or prepare clean sheets, which can be replaced afterwards.


In terms of safety, you should also pay attention to clean up your surroundings before playing, fire prevention first, and find a spacious place for placing candles. Prepare a basin of water in the bathroom in advance, in case it really burns up, unfortunately, you can put out the fire in time!


Where is the best place to drop the wax


Before the actual operation, remember this truth: the closer the candle is to the human body, the higher the temperature of the wax oil that will drop. The greater the angle of the candle's inclination, the faster the wax oil will drop. Most parts of the human body can be dripped with wax, but each part has a different tolerance to the burning sensation.


After the wax melts, it is recommended to pull up and start dripping from a height above 30cm. First, try the temperature with the back of your hand, and then perform the actual operation. If the temperature is acceptable, then slowly shorten the distance. In other words, you can also find a temperature that suits you by controlling the height of the candle, whether it is a stimulus or a little gentle.


As for the most suitable places for dripping wax, for beginners, it should be those areas with a high tolerance for burning sensation and large areas, which are low sensitive areas, such as the chest, back, outer thighs, buttocks and so on. There are few peripheral nerves in these areas, the sensation is relatively insensitive, and they will not overreact to the burning, and the area is large and it is not easy to drip.


After trying these low-sensitivity areas, you can slowly move to some moderately sensitive areas with more sensitive and delicate skin, such as the neck, sides of the chest, chest, abdomen, inner thighs, and soles of the feet. The peripheral nerves in these areas are more developed, and the reaction is much stronger, so you should always pay attention to the reaction of the other party during the dripping process.


If you are slightly struggling to twist your body, or whispering, then the height of the current candle and the frequency of dripping are appropriate; if the opponent's reaction is gradually flat, you can slightly lower the height of the candle and increase the tilt of the candle Angle; but if she is very painful and yells a safe word, then she must stop immediately, communicate and adjust in time.


Finally, there are highly sensitive areas, such as the nipple, vulva, glans, anus, etc. These areas can be sealed with wax oil. The tightness and burning sensation cannot be experienced anywhere. But the prerequisite is that the quality of the candles is acceptable, buy good quality candles, the temperature must be appropriate, and most importantly, she is willing and can bear it. Not recommended for beginners.


If there are too many tears in the process, you can try to "drop wax and paint" on the other person's body to sublimate pure erotic activity to the height of emotion, which will definitely make her excited and moved.


Finally, it is very simple to remove the wax oil. You only need to apply a cold compress to the skin and perform a little movement. After the skin shrinks, the wax blocks will fall off naturally. Beginners try not to drip candles on the hair. It will be very troublesome when cleaning. If you accidentally do it, you can use hot water with a higher temperature to burn it a little, and it will usually get it off.


Also, don’t just stare at one place and keep dripping. If the dripping wax is too concentrated, the temperature will accumulate and it will be easy to burn.


Advanced gameplay of dripping wax


The above is just the basic gameplay of dripping wax, so how can we play tricks and play more interestingly?


That's bundled, it's the standard configuration of Diwax. Under normal circumstances, people will instinctively dodge because they are worried about being dripped by wax oil. If they are tied up at this time, it is not so simple to dodge. Don't rush to the opponent as soon as you light the candle. You can slowly walk around the opponent with the candle to increase the fear and excitement of waiting. There is no requirement for the binding method, just make sure that the waxed part is upward.


Then I'm blindfolded, and there is darkness in front of me. The other party can only rely on other sensory organs to recognize and perceive, and the sense of touch will become more sensitive. At this time, the wax oil dripped, and she absolutely couldn't guess which inch of her skin would be blessed, and she didn't know when the next drop of wax oil would fall, and the whole body would enter a state of tension, which could strengthen the feeling of stimulation.


In the actual operation, you can blindfold the other person's eyes in advance, tie your hands and feet, and then turn off the lights and leave for ten minutes. With this loss of some senses and functions, she can only use imagination to replace the recognition of the outside world. The perception of time will also fail, and the inner tension, fear, and expectation will be magnified several times, and the post-effects will also be magnified several times.


Finally, let's talk about the colour of the candle. Different colours drip on the body, and the visual effects are different. It is difficult to say which is more exciting. After all, it varies from person to person. But the white candle dripped on the body, after cooling down, It looks like it's covered with boyfriend's semen