Do you need a prostate stimulator?


It is not unreasonable that the prostate is called "the second heart of men", because for half of men, the prostate is almost the universe. In terms of importance, the prostate is the most sensitive point in the male body. It is responsible for youth, strength and sex life. Naturally, a healthy prostate is the key to full erection and successful sexual satisfaction.


In order to maintain male function, experts often recommend prostate massage. It massages the prostate through the anus. Not surprisingly, many people consider this kind of "pleasure" to be shameful and unacceptable, and therefore postpone it until later. However, according to people who have been stimulated by the prostate, this type of massage is indeed necessary. Moreover, for its implementation, the help of medical experts is not needed at all. Now, we have a prostate stimulator, which can be successfully used as a sex toy in bed with a partner. After all, it has long been proven that anal stimulation can make men happy!


Prostate stimulators can be used in combination with moisturizing lubricants and gels and used as an element of foreplay before intercourse. Although men cannot experience multiple orgasms, it is still possible to use stimulators. Due to their anatomical shape, prostate stimulators not only have a gentle effect on the prostate, but also gently soothe the perineum of men.


It is recommended to use a prostate stimulator for two weeks after 1-2 days, after which you will notice an improvement in your erectile function. To prevent semen stagnation, the stimulator can be used twice a week. By the way, using a stimulator for massage can significantly improve the effectiveness of antibiotics and other drugs that are commonly used for complex treatments of many diseases including prostatitis.


Which prostate stimulator should you choose?
All prostate stimulators are made of different materials, shapes, colors, sizes, vibrations and other additional parameters. For example, if we compare a prostate stimulator with a traditional anal plug, the size of the first one is much smaller. The stimulator with a diameter of 2-3 cm is very suitable for beginners and people who have been performing massages in this area for a long time.


In terms of materials, prostate stimulators made of medical grade silicone, electronic skin and thermoplastic elastomers are the most common in the sex toy market. However, to enhance the stimulation effect, you can choose a massager with vibration, which can be controlled by a remote control.


The main rule of using a prostate stimulator is that there is no pain. In the first two processes of using the product, only the "probing" of the area is touched, and only in the future you can continue to gently press and massage the effect. In addition, the intensity of prostate massage directly depends on the state of the glands: if it is soft, the pressure is less; if it is firm, the pressure will increase.