Do women like male penis rings?


Penis rings can do more than just fun for men. We reveal for you how the "Rooster Ring" became a real brilliance!


As the name suggests, the penis ring is used for the penis, so it is a male sex product-right? Incorrect! Although it sounds logical, the penis or "penis ring" is not just for the best part of a man and his pleasure. We reveal what sex toys can do for you.


What is "cock ring" and how is it used?


A penis or cock ring is actually a ring on the penis-in principle, the whole thing is like a ring. However, there are penis rings with very different designs that can do more than just look beautiful: some just fit on the glans of the penis, some on the testicles. However, the most common model is pulled to the end of the shaft of the penis. A penis ring with a knob or vibrator plug-in is particularly exciting...


But no matter where the rocker is located, whether it can vibrate or not: it should not be too tight and should not cause pain under any circumstances. In addition, the wearing time of sex toys should not exceed 20 minutes. Big plus point: the penis ring can be worn on the condom.


How a penis ring increases a woman's desire


The penis ring increases the sensitivity of the penis and enables him to have a stronger orgasm. So far, it's clear, but what can small penis accessories do for us women? Trust us-some things:


1. It gets bigger and bigger

The ring of the penis can cause congestion of the penis. Result: Not only did his erection become harder, but also bigger... With a little luck, he could penetrate areas that could not be reached without a small helper.


2. It stays stiff longer

Not only does the penis grow longer with the magical sex toy, but also the sexual behavior. As long as his little partner is on the road with the ring, he will persevere better and can spend a lot of time spoiling her. Premature ejaculation has no chance to fight the penis ring!


3. Special orgasm effects

It is now clear that many women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. This is where the penis ring comes into play: it can stimulate the clitoris with a vibrator insert or a certain shape during intercourse, and he and his best piece will do their best. Using the penis ring at the same time can easily care for the vagina and clitoris!


So, do women like male penis rings? I think after passing this article, you should have an answer in your mind!