Desire to rape - the norm or the deviation?


If you trust the statistics, then violent sexual influence is not an exclusively “male” desire. It turns out that more than 50% of women secretly dream of being raped.


Some ladies want their own spouse to turn into an angry tiger one night and attack their prey, while others dream of being attacked in the alley and forced to have sex right there.


Can all these desires and dreams be called normal, or do they border on mental disorders? In most cases, rape fantasies are nothing more than a desire to experiment, and this is a completely normal state!


Most Popular Rape Fantasies


1. Violent group sex


What a pity that in our country it is not allowed to have several husbands at the same time, and how great it would be, some women think. One will quietly come up from behind and blindfold with a black bandage, the other will grab his hands, put on handcuffs and throw them on the bed ... the third will spread his legs wide and tie them with ropes so that it is impossible to bring them together, protecting from violent actions.


Very often a woman wants to be carried in her arms not by one man, but by several at once, and to be "torn apart" by a certain group of persons is at all the limit of fantasies. At the same time, there may be penetrations into any holes, physical coercion to those actions that she did not dare to do before.


2. Domineering sex with a regular partner


Do you want to seem fragile and defenseless? Or, obey your master and feel all his strength and power? The desire to become a slave is inherent in many of the fair sex. Why not? You are the victim, he is your master, he can whip you, punish, force you, and you enjoy the fact that you can fulfill all his desires. Of course, leather belts, whips and flip flops here are just like real ones, but at the same time, they are not intended to hurt, but only are some attributes of a passionate game without rules. Dreams of a strong partner who makes all decisions and knows what he wants is also a way to take a break from everyday life, to believe in the fulfillment of a dream of a helper or savior.


3. Crazy sex machines


Sex without stopping is the real dream of fans of sex experiments! Not every woman can afford a sex machine , but how can you not dream of it? This contraption will more than replace a dozen or more men, and the satisfaction that can be obtained from a sex machine is fantastic!


The toy can have several attachments of various lengths and thicknesses, and the ability to switch speeds gives a lot of unforgettable emotions. Here the “victim” herself chooses the method of forceful action on herself, the speed and intensity of frictions, as well as the duration of sexual actions.


Is the desire to rape real?


How realistic is a woman's desire to be a victim? In fact, this is only interesting in terms of "security". The fantasizing lady will agree to "rape" only if she knows that nothing threatens her. She will only decide if the rapist is played by a person whom she trusts. And only if it does not damage her reputation. In reality, no one wants to be in the company of unfamiliar excited men or alone with a maniac on the street.


The desire to be raped by a loved one or a sex toy is a completely natural desire of a reasonable woman who loves experiments. And this scenario is worth trying. Therefore, do not be afraid of your fantasies, do not alienate potential rapists and buy powerful sex toys more often, and then all your dreams will come true!