Couple sex toys or first try


Sooner or later, any, even a very passionate couple, is faced with the thought that it has become a little boring. I want something new, some kind of variety. The easiest way is to use sex toys. They will give new sensations, make you look at intimacy from the other side, and maybe even tell you that the science of sex can be learned endlessly. But where do you start the first time?


If you are just washing your ass about using some sex gadget, we assure you that you are on the verge of a huge science of sensual pleasures.


In general, any sex toys and accessories are lined up based on personal preferences and inclinations. After all, one likes one thing, and another. For example, my wife is very fond of the rape game, so we have an abundance of different BDSM fixations (in our case, they are all leather, since she does not like the rigidity of metal). If a girl loves both vaginal and anal sex, then it makes sense to pay attention to strap-ons for double penetration (such a dildo that a man can fasten to his penis and give pleasure to two of his partner's holes at once, etc.)


Next, we will tell you about the main types of sex toys, what they are for, and their effect.


Nipple clamps


for beauty, stimulation and variety of sex These accessories can serve as a decoration for breasts in open lingerie or act as a punishment tool in a BDSM game. Especially sensitive and erogenous nipples can be especially pleased with clamps.




This type of sex toys is still very young, he has not even turned 10 years old, but this is already a kind of classic, which is most often acquired by couples for the sake of new sensations.


A vibrator for two is the most popular toy for a variety of sexual relations between men and women.


The essence of a vibrator for two is that it is used directly during intercourse.


Outwardly, the toy looks like a horseshoe, one part of which is inserted into the girl's bosom, and the other from the outside covers the clitoris and part of the pubis. The vibrator itself is not very interesting, but it just starts a fiery when a man enters the bosom. A penis with a vibrator takes up more space in the vagina than just the penis, and the friction against the vaginal wall is much higher. Each friction is a new charge of vibrations and pulsations for the G-spot. Each rapprochement of the male pubis with the female is the stimulation of the clitoris, which makes the girl moan and tremble.


Of course, it may seem that a vibrator is for a couple, in fact, pleasure is only for her. This is partly true. Most often, the head of the penis (it is the most sensitive part) is far from vibrations, and not all men love it. Therefore, this vibrator will not bring new strong sensations for him. But for a real man, the best reward and delight is to contemplate how his beloved groans and wriggles in bouts of violent orgasm. And with such a toy there will be plenty of such pleasure.




The original idea of ​​the toys is to help a man with an erection and make his penis a little bigger. But then the thought took a step further - to add the pleasant to the user. After all, if the ring is supplied with some kind of stimulant, then improving the erection of the penis will give pleasure to the clitoris.


For female pleasure, a Vibro bullet is built into the erection rings. The ring is usually thicker at this point. Many models are equipped with special stimulators to provide better massage and stimulation of the clitoris. For example, the Diablo vibrating ring from BMS is made in the shape of a devil's head with a protruding tongue. The vibration is transmitted to the lustful tongue hungering for the tender clitoris.


The vibrating ring from Doc Johnson from the premium series dedicated to the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland" has a head shaped like a fairy mushroom


Buy penis rings with clitoral stimulation - different sizes and shapes, rechargeable or battery-powered


Bdsm fixation


In the depths of many, there is a passion for domination, a desire to subjugate and reign supreme. There is a secret desire to be humiliated (oh) in others, to be in someone's power. It doesn't matter who we are in everyday life, sometimes you just want to put on a certain mask and be in someone's role.


Some girls like (dream) to be raped. Let's not go into psychology. The fact is, they LOVE it and of course, it's not about real rape. This is a game with someone who would have given it anyway, and of course, after such a game, only positive emotions and memories of a violent orgasm should remain, and no scratches or bruises.


If anyone in your pair has similar tendencies, you might consider fixations and various BDSM bondage. In their simplest form, these are metal handcuffs with fur pads.


Of course, there are many variations with fixation of the whole body, attachment to the bed, etc.


Playing with the binding of one of the partners may not necessarily be violent. She can be very gentle and affectionate. One of the partners is tied up so that his desire for sex grows and intensifies from the inability to move, while the other will caress his body. There are even whole ready-made kits consisting of fixation, a feather, a vibrator and perfume with pheromones. Turn to pay attention to leather products, since, unlike metal ones, they have a much more delicate effect on the body and skin, which is especially important for delicate women's hands. You can also pay attention to the fixation in the form of silk ribbons. Again, a matter of taste, but we recommend, first of all, genuine leather products.


Fancy flirting


This is an excellent sex guide and entertainment, both for one couple and a swing company. There are many options for her with tasks from slightly erotic for a company unfamiliar with each other and to specifically sexy for those who want it hotter. The long-familiar couple, of course, will be interested in the last option.


The beauty of this game is that, playfully, it will tell you about new positions, open up new ways to stimulate erogenous zones and introduce you to unfamiliar sex toys.


Butt plugs with rhinestones


Many men love anal sex. Of course, the anus is much narrower than the vagina and the sensations to the penis are much more. To prepare the anus for sex, a man can do a massage to relax the muscles of the anus, but this requires some knowledge and skills, so not everyone knows how to do it. But not all women like harassment of their ass. Again, since she is already, there is a high risk of painful sensations.


The girl herself can perfectly prepare the ass with the help of a butt plug. The process is very simple. You need to take the butt plug and insert it into the anus 20-30 minutes before intercourse. During this time, the muscles will relax and pain is unlikely to threaten. Self-insertion of the plug for the girl will not pose a problem, since reflexive contractions of the anus will be minimal or not at all. The key is to use a good lubricant. Also, if the size of the penis is large, you can use several plugs of different diameters to gradually foaming the plugs to prepare the anus for the size of the penis.


Metal butt plugs with rhinestones with crystals will help make this boring process beautiful and romantic. They look like decoration, a work of art. Girls decorate their fingers, necks, noses, noses and navels, but not only they are worthy of jewellery.


The evening can start as usual. He does not even suspect what is hiding under the usual erotic lace. A couple of glasses of wine, tender words, kisses, and when the lace falls off, he discovers under them a sparkling beautiful trinket that hides a lot of pleasure behind it ...


Vibrators are a tool for stimulating very different erogenous zones


As strange as it may seem to you, a regular vibrator can also be a wonderful sex toy for a couple. Usually, the tongue, lips, hands and other body parts are used for stimulation, which can be rubbed against the erogenous zones of the partner. But what if you try a vibrating toy? It will give new special sensations.


It is best to play with him when one of the lovers is relaxed and ready to listen to sensual pleasures, and the other leisurely caresses his body. At the same time, vibration can be alternated and combined with traditional caresses.


And the Zini company has released a vibrator specifically for such games. It looks like a lovers' mascot, splitting into two halves.


Butt plugs with expansion and vibration for a double penetration effect


Not all girls have anal sex or just anal stimulation delight. But the majority, having tried, are very fond of double penetration (simultaneous stimulation of the vagina and vagina with phalluses). Provided, of course, that the anus is properly prepared.


When 2 penises enter the rather limited space of the female ass and vagina at once, increased stimulation of the G and PS points occurs at once. Orgasm, it should be noted, is much stronger.


Not all married couples are ready to invite a third person for such entertainment. The way out of the situation can be an anal plug of the size similar to a man's penis. How to prepare a woman's ass for anal sex and a girl of this size, we considered in another article.


A good option would be to use an anal plug with expansion (Fig. With such a toy there is no need to use plugs of different diameters for preparation since as the anus gets used to it, you can smoothly inflate the plug to the desired size. It can even be smoothly varied even directly during intercourse. But suddenly go too far with the dimensions, then, as a rule, there is a quick air release button.


Male strapon


A strap is a kind of prosthesis. Girls use it when they crave domination and lesbian love. And why in a married couple a strap-on, we will now try to figure it out.


Small penis or just want some variety


For a smart man, size is not a problem; he may well compensate for the size with something else. But what if the girl still dreaming "big negro"? You can't leave your beloved unsatisfied, otherwise, suddenly the object of desire will meet somewhere without your knowledge ...


Fortunately, in a sex shop, you can choose a device, fasten it on your loins and wield it as your own. You can pick up a large Negro and an exact copy of some porn star, or even a device with vibration.


And also, some strapons can be used in the literal sense, as a second member and delight the girl with double penetration.


Erection difficulties


Unfortunately, this also happens. A sedentary lifestyle, bad habits, chemical additives in food and many other things do not have the best effect on the prostate. It is better not to delay the solution of the issue and consult a doctor. But while he is thinking about how to help you, you cannot leave the girl unsatisfied.


There is also a huge selection of shapes and sizes. But the most important thing is that the artificial penis does not know fatigue and is ready for the longest sex marathon!


With all the wealth of choice, there are only two options for attaching a male strap. In the first case, the strap itself is hollow so that the man can remove the penis directly inside. Such a device, as a rule, has straps for attaching to the body. In the second case, the strap is attached to the panties, which have a special cutout at the bottom where the man places his fighter. There may be panties (harness) with removable attachments.