Condoms for oral sex


Many believe that the use of a condom during normal sexual intercourse is optional and a matter of course, during oral sex as a condom is absolutely not necessary, because oral sex is the safest and has no serious consequences. However, this is not quite true.


If you do not use a condom for oral sex, you can become infected with most sexually transmitted diseases (syphilis, AIDS, hepatitis B), as well as get other viruses (mycoplasma, Neisseria meningitis, meningococci, influenza stick, pneumonia, streptococci of categories "A" / "B" etc.). The fact is that with oral sex without a condom, people become infected even more often than with ordinary intercourse. Through the microtrauma existing in the mouth, various kinds of erosion and inflamed areas of the mucous membrane, the infection enters the body much faster and in large quantities than through the vagina.


Therefore, when you do not trust your partner 100%, it is better to protect yourself from possible infections during oral sex and prevent the occurrence of various diseases by using a condom.


Condoms for oral sex do not contain spermicidal lubricant and are distinguished by various pleasant tastes, sweet smells, as well as bold colours - a variety of aromas, which allows you to choose a condom for any mood.


Polyurethane or polyisoprene condoms are also great choices for oral sex lovers. They are not made of latex, so they have no rubbery smell or taste. Moreover, these condoms are thin, which provides a natural feeling and increases sensitivity.


Oral sex can bring real pleasure not only to the “receiving party” - the initiator of oral sex feels a pleasant smell and taste, giving pleasure to his partner without any hindrance!