Condoms for anal sex


Anal sex without a condom is very risky. Sexologists recommend using a condom for anal sex . Here are a number of reasons why this is necessary:


1. Infection with sexually transmitted diseases


Anal sex is quite traumatic, therefore, microcracks and microtraumas cannot be avoided. Therefore, the risk of contracting STDs increases several times compared to vaginal contact.


2. Bacterial intestinal infections


There are bacterial infections in the rectum, which in themselves do not cause harm, but once on the genitals, they can cause inflammation and various diseases. Women should never have vaginal sex immediately after anal sex. It is very important to take into account that the condom must be changed every time you change the type of sex because this is the only way to avoid infection.


3. Psychological factor


Using a condom during anal sex removes the psychological barrier to the danger of getting the penis dirty in the partner's rectum. Of course, such a possibility is unlikely, but a condom will calm the nerves.


4. Unwanted pregnancy


With unprotected anal sex, sperm can accidentally enter the vagina, increasing the risk of unwanted pregnancy.


Even if you do not use condoms, it is better to make an exception for anal contact. Any major contraceptive company produces condoms that are perfect for anal sex. These condoms have increased strength - wall thickness from 0.07 mm to 0.1 mm. 


We recommend using special lubricants for anal sex with condoms, which improve glide, have a relaxing and analgesic effect. The main thing in this type of sex is to relax the partner as much as possible, completely eliminating the discomfort.