Choosing the right lubricating fluid, linearly improve the sexual well-being index


Lubricant is a wonderful thing. Its meaning is to make you smooth and lubricate when you do any action, but it can be completely slippery to the point that there is no friction, so that there is no basic pleasure. Whether you are entertaining yourself or using it with your girlfriend, choosing a suitable lubricating fluid will definitely double the fun of playing. Don't think that this is a myth. Just putting a drop of lubricant on when you are entertaining can open your door to a new world.


Many people resist lubricating fluid during sex. They resist it from the bottom of their hearts. It's not that the lubricating fluid does not work well, but that they are too self-esteem, "My foreplay is great", "I'm still so young. With abundant water resources, why do you need that stuff?" However, many studies have shown that women’s "wetness and non-wetness" are often not related to the degree of sexual arousal. They have different physiques and physical conditions. It may even be due to the environment they were in at that time. The temperature was too high and too high. Low, may affect the humidity of the female partner.


If you can't accurately grasp the various external factors, but blindly base your sexual experience on your blind self-confidence, it is not a good thing in the long run. It would be better to study hard, learn about the lubricant, and find the one that suits you and your partner so that you can maintain your sex life index.


The basic configuration of lubrication: water-based lubricating fluid


It is estimated that people do not like stickiness. Based on this, water-based lubricants are the most convenient for both brand and model. Whether you go to a physical store or an online store, just look for it. Most of them are water-based lubricating fluids. There are so many varieties that you can’t get started. Manufacturers also like to make a fuss about water-based lubricants. In addition to the purest water-based lubricants, there are many other substances on the market now, such as those with hyaluronic acid added to avoid the shortcomings of water-based lubricants' quick-drying. Antibacterial ingredients are added to protect the private parts of women, and aphrodisiac ingredients are added to enhance the sexual interest of the other party, and so on.


Different lubricating fluids have different tactile feelings when used. Japanese lubricating fluids are usually thicker and easier to pull.


Advanced lubrication configuration: silicon-based lubricating fluid


Silicon-based lubricating fluid, as the name suggests, is a lubricating fluid with silicon-based as the main component. This type of lubricant is quite popular in Europe and America. Compared with water-based lubricating fluids, silicon-based lubricating fluids have a thinner texture. In other words, the contact between the body and the body will be closer, and the lubrication durability is very long, unlike ordinary water-based lubricating fluids that require frequent replenishment.


The biggest feature of silicon-based lubricating fluid is that it is waterproof. Even if it is in water, it will not be diluted or washed away by water as long as it is applied a little. It is convenient to make love in the shower or bathtub. Of course, the disadvantage is that it is more difficult to wash off and needs to be cleaned with cleaning supplies.


Advanced lubrication configuration: capsule type lubricating fluid


Capsule lubricating fluid is not a type of lubricating fluid other than water-based or silicon-based. It is just filling the lubricating fluid into the capsule and stuffing it into the body during use. After a few minutes, the capsule will dissolve in water to achieve the purpose of lubrication. A new way of lubrication.


For ordinary people, it may be nothing, but for people who like anal sex, it is very convenient. Moreover, the silicone-based lubricant is usually filled in the capsule, which is long-lasting lubrication and waterproof. Besides, the outer packaging of this type of lubricating fluid is generally bottled, if you are not an expert, you can see that it is a lubricating fluid. But remember one pill when you use it, don't be greedy.