Best condom wear timing


For anyone struggling to wear a condom without disturbing the other's excitement. We propose the optimal timing of wearing without interrupting the flow of sex.


Beginner: If you are a beginner who needs both hands when wearing a condom at the time I am being caressed, the very timing where both hands are free is optimal. When the other person is caressing around my body, take out a pre-prepared condom under the pillow, open the wrapper, and prepare. When the other person's caressing turns into oral sex, pause for a while, twist the air in the pedestal, and quickly put on a ready-made condom. At this time, do not do any defensive actions such as pushing the other person, but gently say "wait a minute" and quickly finish wearing the condom.  


Beginner- intermediate: Practice timing with one-touch condoms For beginners who want to move on to intermediate, it is recommended to practice a lot with one-touch condoms'. This condom is designed so that it fits snugly at a time by simply pulling the tape, so you can quickly wear it with one hand. Let's study the timing of wearing a condom before real sex starts with this condom. This is training to become multiplayer, touching the opponent with one hand and inserting a condom with one hand.


Intermediate: If the other person is lying down at the timing of caresses the other person and then changes their postures and I am on the top, I enjoy foreplay by caressing the other person's body with his mouth and hands. Once you've been excited about each other, measure the angle you're going to wear the condoms. If you were caressing in a standing position, turn the other person's body to the side to caress the waistline, or quickly put on a condom at the same time you change your posture. Caress the opponent's body with your mouth, and completes wearing a condom with your hand. 


Upper-intermediate: There is also a way to direct the moment you wear a condom with the other person as a part of foreplay. Wearing a condom with the other person while continuing the excitement. The other person closes their eyes and focuses only on the sensations at the fingertips. I touch each other's bodies while leading the other's hand, then go down below me and enjoy playing condoms together. It's 100 times more erotic than keeping your eyes wide open and seeing me put on a condom.


Advanced: Wearing a condom while kissing without knowing the other person while kissing requires a very agile continuous motion. This is because the mouth and hand must move separately and together. When the other person from the kiss looked at me, “When did you put on a condom?” You need fast enough hand movements. Optimal timing to run through all stages of sex without blockage.