Basic knowledge of low temperature candles

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In this article, I mentioned a kind of low-temperature candle, you can try the plot of dripping wax, and because the temperature is low, there is no trace at work the next day, so it will not be discovered by others. Let's take a look at the introduction of low-temperature candles!


01. What is a low temperature candle


In ancient times, dripping wax is a punishment to stimulate human skin at high temperatures candle stimulation. Since wax is safe for the human body and will not leave any traces after punishment, dripping wax has become a common practice in SM.


The closer the burning candle is to the human body, the higher the temperature of the dripping wax oil, the greater the angle of the candle's inclination, and the faster the dripping speed.


All parts of the human body can be dripped, but each part has different sensitivity and tolerance to temperature, especially when the other party is blindfolded and cannot see when the wax will drip onto the body. This is more sensitive than when the wax oil is directly dripped on the body.


Therefore, when dripping wax oil on the more sensitive parts, it is best to first try to see if the temperature felt when you drop the distance from the back of your hand at an oblique angle is too strong. It is safer to implement it after evaluation.


Then, we convert the background of time and space into the present tense. In the current situation, dripping wax is equivalent to another sensory stimulation to people. Some people are even addicted to using dripping wax to put pressure on others and increase their happiness, while some people are excited about being dripped and have different directions according to different preferences!


After reading the above introduction, you must be wise to know that the low-temperature wax must be made of vegetable wax, so there are also ways to make the low-temperature wax by yourself, and I will introduce it to everyone in the future.


However, because of the simple production method of low-temperature candles, many factories will buy large quantities of plant waxes to make essential oil scented candles. For this kind of candles, it can indeed inspire the atmosphere between the two before the fierce battle!


I would also like to remind everyone that as long as the scented candle contains vegetable wax, it can be used as a flirting wax tool, but I suggest you, if you are not a person who likes to read instructions, please try it with the back of your hand before thinking about it. Then let the other half try the back of the hand. If both parties accept, then this security model is the best!


02. Types of candles


① Paraffin


Refined paraffin wax can be divided into different products such as 57°C, 60°C and 62°C according to its melting point.


Refined paraffin wax is mainly used as an additive for traditional candles used in general religious beliefs or temples, artistic candles for decorative purposes, and pastel crayons for painting. In addition, refined paraffin wax at 62°C can also be used as a formula wax for industrial use, such as cardboard boxes to prevent moisture Coating, wax for rubber tires and sealing agent for dry battery carbon rods, etc. The wide application range of paraffin wax is closely related to the development of various industries.


Has the following characteristics:


  • Can withstand the hardness of nails;
  • Very low volatility;
  • Easy to melt at a temperature of 50~70℃;
  • Low viscosity in molten state;
  • Good moisture resistance, water resistance and fragrance retention;
  • Odorless and tasteless;
  • Latent heat is large;
  • Can be decomposed by microorganisms.


Microcrystalline wax


A mixture of alkanes from petroleum, mainly composed of normal, isomeric and cycloalkanes above C26, with a wide distribution of carbon atoms, and a hydrocarbon ratio of about 1.85. Microcrystalline wax has low hardness, good flexibility, tends to flow plastically under stress, large elongation, and good flexibility. Microcrystalline wax has good lipophilicity, is easier to disperse in oil, and can effectively enhance the gel strength of oil.


Microcrystalline wax is widely used in food, chemical, military, metallurgical and other industries to play a role in moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, glazing, insulation, and rust prevention. Microcrystalline wax can well improve the performance of the target product in the special wax industry. For example, adding appropriate microcrystalline wax to paraffin wax can change the crystal form of ordinary paraffin wax, improve the water resistance and permeability of paraffin wax, increase the bending strength of paraffin wax, and increase plasticity and flexibility, thereby expanding the scope of application of paraffin wax.


This type of wax is also made using mineral oil.


The important qualities of its sex are as follows:


  • It is obtained by vacuum distillation of crude wax together with paraffin, but the temperature is higher;
  • The carbon number is between 40 — 80, the molecular weight is between 500 — 800, and the melting point is higher than that of paraffin wax;
  • The content of heterogeneous hydrocarbons is high, reaching 50 — 70%.




After vacuum distillation, there is a viscous semi-solid wax.


Many people may not know that the common lubrication product that is often heard of Fanshilin is actually a kind of paraffin wax. This may break many people's traditional concept of Fanshilin.


Refined wax


For the special separation and purification of wax products, some paraffin components are refined and distilled and then the juice is made into refined wax. The cost and man-hours are also extremely high.


The important qualities of its sex are as follows:


  • High melting point;
  • The ratio of straight-chain hydrocarbons is high, the hardness is high, and the abrasion is strong;
  • The carbon number distribution is narrow, and the temperature sensitivity is sharp.


② Vegetable wax


Wax material made from wood and legumes. This type of wax is usually attached to the surface of many kinds of plant leaves (monocotyledonous plants have more waxy layers and thicker), and its chemical composition is higher fatty acids and Lipid compounds of higher monohydric alcohols are high molecular weight thermoplastic solids. This structure has the function of preventing excessive transpiration of water in leaves and invasion of mesophyll cells by microorganisms


Vegetable waxes roughly include carnauba wax, candelilla wax, rice bran wax, sugar cane wax, laurel wax, castor bean wax, Simond wood wax, lacquer wax, small crown carnauba wax, Douglas fir wax, etc. The first 4 Species have a larger yield.


The main one is carnauba wax, which is obtained from the leaves and petioles of the carnauba palm. Light yellow to light brown brittle solid, relative density 0.996~0.998, melting point 80~86℃, iodine value 5~14, its main composition is high-carbon hydroxy acid esters.


Other vegetable waxes can be obtained from the dewaxing process of rice bran oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, etc., and can be used in the preparation of medicines, cosmetics, candles, inks, glazing wax, shoe polish, leather finishing agents, etc.


For make-up formulators, vegetable wax is a very valuable ingredient, especially in the design of lipstick products. Because of its low melting point (25°, 28° and 40°C), olive vegetable wax can improve the diffusibility of the product and give users a more comfortable feeling.


③ Animal wax


It’s better to explain animal wax. Among my relatives, there are beekeepers who know very well about beeswax. The main reason for beeswax is the beeswax produced when bees need to fix the structure of the honeycomb when they build a nest. For worker bees, Bunsen has four pairs of wax threads, located in sections 4 to 7 of the abdomen.


Beeswax is the secretion of wax glands. The youngest worker bee that has just emerged, its main responsibility is to take care of and raise the larvae. When the work of taking care of the larvae comes to an end, the young worker bees must fly a short distance away from the nest. After ten days, the wax glands begin to secrete beeswax. The ideal ambient temperature for worker bees to secrete beeswax is 33 to 36 degrees Celsius. A worker bee consumes eight parts of honey to secrete one part of beeswax.


In addition to beeswax, the most mentioned is the resumption of whaling operations in Japan. The fat of whales is also a very suitable ingredient for making spermaceti. Although this problem is a rebound from many people, we don't care whether this matter is good or bad. In short Whether it is sailors or pirates, they will buy whale oil as fuel for oil lamps. Of course, this kind of animal wax will also be used to refine the moisture-proof wax that can be used on wooden furniture.


Therefore, animal waxes are generally used in industrial applications and have a very wide range of applications.


03. Low temperature candle start position


If it’s SM's training series, you can consider bundling to increase interest and avoid M’s struggles. Don’t drop the candle on M as soon as you light the candle. You can hold the candle and walk slowly on M to tease and let M in The sense of fear and excitement that this intermediate will wait.


You can drop the wax part


Depending on your taste, you can choose by yourself, and briefly introduce the different flavors of wax dripping parts, what degree of flavors can be accepted, adjust yourself, and add a bit of heavy mustard appropriately, sometimes there will be a hot pleasure from the nose.


Small fresh version


This part can generally be selected on the opponent's back, buttocks, chest, and abdomen. These parts still have different reactions to the sensitivity of dripping wax. The temperature of dripping wax on the back and buttocks will be higher than other parts, but the buttocks are really sensitive!


Heavy flavor version


The sides of the chest, the sides of the thighs, the soles of the feet, the face clamps, the inner thighs, the soles of the feet, etc. will be more sensitive. This can also be understood with the toes. Therefore, the temperature of the wax oil will also be lower. The effect will be better than that of the previous parts.


Aggressive taste


Chrysanthemum, outer lip and penis, vulva (never drip near the coronal sulcus, unless you want to ruin the other half), head nipple, these parts are already strong enough, if you have other new tricks, please record it yourself. Because everyone’s acceptance is different.


About cleaning


Just wait for the wax oil to dry and fall off naturally. In addition, if you still feel uncomfortable, you need to use ice to relax your skin!


Remember the following points:


  • The closer the candle is to the human body, the higher the temperature of the wax oil dropped;
  • The greater the angle of inclination of the candle, the faster the dripping speed of wax oil;
  • If it’s SM's training series, you can consider bundling to increase interest and avoid M’s struggles. Don’t drop the candle on M as soon as you light the candle.You can hold the candle and walk slowly on M to tease and let M The fear and excitement of waiting in this intermediate.