Are sex toys really better than boyfriends? the answer is negative


When working in a sex toy store before, whenever we asked male customers if they wanted to learn about the vibrators used by women and surprise their girlfriends/wives, we were often asked, "Do you think I can't satisfy her?" Or "she doesn't need these things" or something. These same men would rather spend hundreds of dollars to buy themselves the most expensive masturbation cup.


In fact, this incident still touches me deeply. In my opinion, this kind of man is quite selfish. In their concept, they are only allowed to go out to eat Hasai, but they don’t care that their spouse is starving at home and wait for them to eat and drink before returning home to cook. Because they are afraid that the other half will refuse to eat the food they cooked as long as they have gone to the street to eat the food outside. I can even imagine that there are only two possibilities for a woman in this kind of life in the future: one is that she finally can’t help going out to steal food, especially when the other party is poor in cooking, and the other is that she often goes hungry and depressed. Unhappy.


On the other hand, this kind of man is also very pitiful. The main reason why they did not allow the other half to use sex toys was due to low self-esteem, fear that they could not satisfy each other, and fear that when she tasted the orgasm brought by the toy, she would lose her sexual interest in herself. The actual situation is that women who have used sex toys are often more able to enjoy the pleasure of sex and are more willing to be more intimate with men.


Sex toys make sex life better

In many people's minds, sex toys are just a series of simulated penises, but this is not the case in reality. A vibrating egg that can vibrate 6000 times per minute is not designed to replace anyone, but to help your fingers and tongue, because, in life, there are really many girls who have to rely on vibrating eggs and the like Vibrate the toy to achieve clitoral orgasm more easily.


Just like Lovetoy Couples, Clitoris Stimulator is a vibrator that is designed to be placed in a girl’s vagina during sex for couples. Due to physical limitations, men can only "straight in and straight out" during sex, and it is impossible to press the girl’s belly button. The direction of the G point, so many girls do not feel when they complain about sex.


The curved shape of the Lovetoy Couples Clitoris Stimulator is cleverly fixed under the G-spot. It helps to press the G-spot when a man enters and exits. The other end is exposed to stimulate the clitoris, allowing girls to feel the stimulation inside and outside at the same time. It does not affect the pleasure of boys but also enhances the interest of girls.


Toys belonging to adults


Sex toys, in the final analysis, are just "adults' toys". Are there any parents and children that don't use toys when they play? In fact, the same principle is true. Appropriate use of toys during sex will not only make sex more interesting but also satisfy both parties. On the other hand, toys are also learning tools, which are the same for children and adults. Sex toys can allow both parties to better understand each other's reactions during sex, sensitive parts, sexual preferences, etc.


Some people worry that if sex toys are used too much, the sensitivity will decrease. Indeed, the sensitivity may decrease in a short period of time, but after a period of rest, the sensitivity will return.