Anal toys are easy to use


Anal toys have long been a taboo topic in most societies. More and more people are exploring and enjoying this nerve-rich and particularly sensitive sexy zone. With the right stimulation, you can get a series of pleasant sensations that not only complement other pleasant activities, but can also lead to a strong anal orgasm.


There are many kinds of anal toys. For beginners, it is recommended to start with the smallest, try different shapes and lengths, and then, if necessary, use a larger diameter.


Plug or plug

The most popular anal toy is anal plug. They have a very small size, which is the most recommended choice for beginners. When this toy is inserted into a woman's anus, it will put pressure on the vagina next door, because the wall between the two holes is very thin. This makes the woman feel more full, and the man feels that the woman's vagina is narrowed. If the toy is used by a man, then it will give him an extra sensation that can enhance erection and orgasm. It is recommended that men choose a plug with a shape suitable for the anatomy of the rectum to massage the prostate.


Anal beads

Anal chains, anal beads-they look like several balls of the same or different sizes, connected by flexible or rigid jumpers. It will be fun to insert and unplug this chain (must take your time so as not to damage the soft tissues of the anus). Removing anal beads during orgasm will bring a particularly vivid sensation to men and women, as it causes additional muscle contraction and stimulation of nerve endings. Generally, stretching the anal beads before orgasm can also speed up the orgasm.



If the plug or anal bead has a vibration function, it can be called an anal vibrator. Vibration can be relaxing, exciting or intensely stimulating. It can help you relax for further play, or it can be a fulfilling experience that will soon lead to a vivid orgasm! Each organism’s response to stimuli is unique, which is why intimate games are so exciting, you can endlessly explore yourself and each other! The more different sensations from different types of stimuli that our body’s nerve endings receive, the more diverse its responses.



You can also choose glass, silicone or metal dildos as anal stimulators. The most important thing is to comply with all safety and hygiene measures.


For women, one of the main explanations for the ability to enjoy anal stimulation is the anatomy of the clitoris. The invisible clitoris not only surrounds the vaginal opening, but also extends to the anus. In addition, considering that the wall between the vagina and the rectum is very thin, the G zone and the vagina itself can also be stimulated through the anus. Of course, the anus itself is a collection of nerve endings, and the effect on it can be the inspiration for pleasure, mainly by choosing the stimulation you like.


For men, this is one of the rare ways to enjoy internal stimulation. Usually, men will only externally stimulate the penis and scrotum because they are external genitalia. But we must not forget the prostate. Prostate massage can be performed without or with additional vibration, if the vibration brings sensory effects. Usually the penis is not sensitive to vibration, then anal vibrator can be a way for men to enjoy this feeling.


The most pleasant and effective way to combine prostate massage with penis stimulation is to perform two types of caress at the same time. Therefore, during orgasm, not only will ejaculation occur, but it will also be accompanied by the secretion of the prostate, thereby reducing the risk of prostatic hypertrophy. Stimulating the prostate can increase effectiveness and improve male sexual performance, and generally can improve the health of pelvic organs. In addition, the orgasm achieved by stimulating the prostate is usually stronger than the normal orgasm by massaging the penis!


This massage can be done with fingers, curved dildo, prostate stimulator or vibrator. The toy must be held in the hand and used for spinning, wavy and other massage movements. There are various rotating or wave-moving vibrators that can massage perfectly on their own, so you can enjoy it while having sex with your partner or masturbating alone in a refreshing shower or relaxing bathtub.


If a man feels pain during the massage, please stop the massage immediately and consult a doctor. Pain may be an indicator, and early diagnosis when visiting a doctor can help detect the onset of prostate disease. Diseases detected in time are easy to treat.


How to choose the most suitable anal toy?

When choosing a toy, attention should be paid to the material of the toy (silicone is the safest for the body), diameter, length, elasticity, buoyancy, vibration requirements and power. Even before buying a toy, you need to clearly state how you want to use it. Will it be used with vaginal insertion or as the only type of stimulation? If you need to prepare for anal sex (inserting the penis into the anus), it is worth choosing the option with thicker legs (the area where the muscles surround-the sphincter). Taking into account the purpose of stimulation and people's personal preferences, in each case, toys should be selected according to different parameters.



Only toys designed for this purpose can be used for anal games. They all have one main feature in common-they all have a stopper that prevents the toy from slipping into the interior. In most cases, the restraint devices are round, but the most comfortable and safe ones are those that are similar to anchors, so that the bend fits comfortably between the hips and the toy does not penetrate deep into the rectum. For safety reasons, it is recommended to choose a model with the diameter of the external fixing part larger than the diameter of the insertion part.


Any anal toy should always use lubricant. It is best to use anal lubricant and add additional moisturizing and emollient ingredients. You should not choose a lubricant with anesthetic effect. You will not feel discomfort during the removal process, and you will feel skin damage and microcracks after the activity.


It is recommended to perform an anal enema, which will make sex more pleasant and safe.