Anal lubricants make your anal sex journey more interesting


How to make anal sex really enjoyable? First of all, you need to ensure easy penetration and the absence of pain. Lubricants for anal sex help a lot in this - they make an incredibly pleasant, at first glance, dubious experiment.


During anal sex, the use of lubricant is not only desirable but necessary! You can, of course, use any intimate lubricant, but we still recommend purchasing a lubricant designed specifically for anal contact.


Anal lubricants contain special components that give properties important for anal sex:


  • Lubricating effect


Anal lubricants tend to be more viscous than vaginal lubricants. This is to ensure reliable sliding performance where natural lubrication cannot be produced. Most of these lubricants are silicone-based since good hydration and long-lasting glide are very important during anal sex 


  • Relaxing effect


Anal lubricants are formulated with special ingredients such as jojoba oil extract to minimize discomfort and relax muscles for easy penetration 


  • Anaesthetic effect


Lubricants with menthol or other anaesthetic help relieve pain. However, when lubricating the anus, you should be careful, since getting on the penis or on the tongue, the lubricant can cause loss of sensitivity 


  • Regenerating effect


Anal lubricants also contain antiseptic substances such as tea tree oil and aloe, which promote the healing of microcracks that may occur during sexual intercourse and prevent infection from entering the wounds 


Anal sex lubricants are divided into three categories based on base and effect:


  • Gel


These lubricants provide a longer-lasting glide effect and can be either water-based or silicone-based. For anal sex, a silicone base is preferred.


  • Spray


Sprays are water-based. Helps to reduce sensitivity and relieve discomfort. But they are not intended to create a lubricating effect, so they should be used with anal gels or creams.  


  • Cream


These lubricants are absorbed more quickly into the muscles of the anus, thereby helping to relax them. They also have an excellent sliding effect, as they often have a silicone base.


Instructions for use


The lubricant is applied immediately before sex to the genitals and/or anus.


If an anal lubricant with an anaesthetic is used in the process, then it must be applied to the anus 5 to 10 minutes before intercourse. The active partner must always wear a condom , because it is possible to reduce the sensitivity of the penis, as well as female genitals.


If there are such lubricants in your box, then you will always be ready for something new: anal sex brings a lot of pleasure to lovers if all the rules are followed. Just relax and have fun!