8 ways to prevent prostatitis


Almost any man between the ages of 20 and 50 is faced with prostatitis, because it is not for nothing that the prostate gland is called the second heart of a man. This can be expressed in the form of pain in the perineum, pain during urination or ejaculation. But for the occurrence of prostatitis, several reasons are needed at once. How can I avoid this?


The main ways to prevent prostatitis:


1) Regular sex life. The more often ejaculation occurs - the less congestion will be in the prostate. That is why prolonged abstinence can cause significant harm to health.


2) Physical activity. Running, tennis, ice skating and skiing are the ways to avoid an unpleasant illness. But not a bike! For men who love outdoor activities on a bicycle, a special anatomical saddle without a nose has been created, which will help to avoid negative effects on the genitals.


3) Quitting smoking. Doctors have already proven that smoking contributes to the development of prostatitis. But smoking is also the main cause of erection problems. Need more reasons to quit smoking?


4) Absence of sudden hypothermia. Winters in our country are quite cold, but despite this, there are men who, for the sake of fashion and style, wear summer jeans even when it's -20C outside. And hypothermia of the body contributes to the violation of venous outflow and the appearance of congestion in the prostate.


5) Refusal of such a method of contraception as interrupted intercourse. Many men use a method where ejaculation occurs outside the woman's vagina. First of all, we want to point out that this does not give any guarantee not to get pregnant. And in addition, this leads to poor venous outflow of blood from the prostate, as well as incomplete secretion from the prostate and, as a consequence, to the emergence and maintenance of the inflammatory process.


6) Avoid situations where the erection does not end with intercourse. For the same reasons as in the paragraph above. So if you decide to watch a porn movie, do it with a partner or masturbator .


7) Prostate massage. This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to prevent prostatitis at home. Thanks to the massage, toxins are removed, the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues increases, we can say that it is practically impossible to cure this disease without prostate massage. Our products - vibrating massagers and lubricants - will become indispensable helpers in this matter .


8) Diet. It's trite, but avoiding spicy and spicy foods in favor of foods rich in vitamins and fiber can not only relieve you of constipation, but also have a beneficial effect on prostate health. Member of the Expert Community "Culture of intimate health" Artyom Shalaev