6 safe and painless anal sex techniques


If you are inexperienced in anal sex, then the thought of this type of sexual pleasure can be intimidating. Many people mistakenly think that anal sex is notorious and some try to avoid it altogether. But still, anal sex was and remains an exciting and incredibly enjoyable experience. So I've prepared a simple yet very helpful guide for you to get ready for a damn delicious first anal experience. I will outline the basic rules for preparing for anal sex that you cannot avoid, and I am also going to discuss how to actually decide on the first anal intercourse.


The reason so many people put off getting to know anal sex is because of the belief that it won't be sexy, dirty, or even safe. I will debunk these myths, follow my recommendations and you will not have to worry about these circumstances.


1. Make sure your body is clean


The first and very important rule that is decisive is your own purity. You have to start with the inner cleaning. In the days leading up to anal sex, avoid spicy or any other food that contributes to loose stools. Of course, this is obvious, but often many people forget about it. After cleaning the inside, it's time to cleanse your body from the outside, just take a shower.


2. Use a suitable lubricant


Some people believe that if it is impossible to get pregnant with anal sex, then a condom is not needed in this case. In fact, using a condom will protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. Anal sex can injure the skin around the anus, as well as in the rectum itself, which increases the likelihood of infection. If you and your partner are not monogamous, do not neglect this advice.


Choosing the right anal lubricant and condom is essential when preparing for anal sex. Note that if you are using a latex condom, you only need to use a water-based lubricant. Since silicone-based lubricants damage the latex condom and increase the likelihood of it breaking.


3. Do not be forced to do it


One of the most important obstacles to a first anal experience is compulsive pressure from a man. You must be fully prepared and really willing to try this type of sexual pleasure. Often, through their curiosity, men push women to anal sex without moral readiness, in which case the woman cannot relax and often gets a negative experience of anal sex. If you're really not ready to give it a try, don't.


4. Learn to relax the sphincter muscles


At the entrance to the anus are the muscles of the internal sphincter. Your task is to learn how to relax them since the comfort and enjoyment of anal sex depends on the standing of these muscles. If your man is just trying to get into you, it can be very painful.


In fact, it will take you some time to prepare your sphincter for comfortable penetration. A good way to get the sphincter to relax is to insert a lubricated finger into the anus. Keep it inside for a few minutes and just try to relax your whole body. After a while, you will feel that your sphincter is weakening naturally. When this happens, slip in a second lubricated finger, you will feel the muscles relax even more. It's time to use a butt plug or a small anal dildo. The main task is to relax the sphincter enough for a comfortable introduction of the penis.


5. Moral preparation is essential


Anal sex is very different from vaginal sex. The biggest difference is how you feel about your partner during this type of sex. Indeed, for a passive sexual partner, the first anal experience can be quite frustrating, especially if your partner doesn't quite understand how your anatomy works. For the most comfortable sensations, it is important to relax not only physically, but also mentally. It is very important to fully trust your partner.


Do not forget about long relaxing foreplay and gentle caresses before anal sex. Many nerve endings are concentrated around the anus, the impact on which will give your partner unprecedented pleasure and help to relax.


6. Ideal pose


The ideal position for the first anal experience is doggy style, while the man should be motionless. When you are completely relaxed and comfortable with the position of a man's penis inside you, you can dive deeper. This way, you will have complete control over the depth and speed of penetration.