19 little knowledge about lubricating fluid


01. Why use lubricating fluid?


The first is to reduce pain. When the girl is not aroused, stressed and tired, the girl cannot secrete enough fluid, and entering it will cause pain or even injury. The use of lubricating fluid can be effective and smooth.


Secondly, the use of lubricating fluid can reduce friction and make the interaction process longer. The most important thing is to use lubricating fluid to have a different experience.


02. Why can't it enter after using lubricating fluid?

The inside of the vagina is tightly surrounded by muscles. Enough lubrication ≠ muscles relaxed enough. At this time, you need to be patient to do foreplay and enter slowly.


03. Can lubricating fluid be used with sets/toys?


According to the composition, lubricating fluids are usually divided into three categories: water-based, oil-based and silicon-based. Since oil-based lubricants can dissolve the sleeves and are susceptible to infection, they have basically withdrawn from the market. Silicone-based lubricating fluid is relatively waterproof, and the main component is silicone resin. Because the composition is similar, please do not use it with adult toys made of pure silicone resin at the same time. Water-based lubricant, soluble and easy to clean, can be used with latex condoms at the same time.


04. Will lubricating fluid infect girls? Is it harmful?


The private parts of the girls are weakly acidic, and the PH value of the lubricating fluid is 5-7, which is consistent with the Dao Yin environment and is safe.


05. Can boys use it?


Of course, the correct way to use it is to recommend both sides to apply it.


06. Can shower gel/Vaseline replace lubricating fluid?


Not possible. Lubricant is a special product for sexual behaviour. The shower gel is difficult to clean, and it is easy to remain in the body and may cause infection. Vaseline is too oily and will dissolve latex condoms.


07. Can saliva replace lubricating fluid?


NO! On the one hand, in an unsanitary oral environment, saliva can carry individual bacteria, which can cause mould infections. On the other hand, the water in saliva accounts for 99%, which volatilizes together with the water on the surface of the skin, making it easier to dry. Besides, the unfriendly taste is also an experience problem...


08. How to use lubricating fluid?


Basic usage:

  •  Squeeze the lubricating fluid on your fingers and rub it gently to warm it up.
  •  Apply evenly on the target area (both sides/toys), don't have to overflow too much, just feel smooth to the touch.
  • During use, it should be supplemented in time according to the situation.

09. Do I need to add water when I use it?


No need to add water. Mixing with water will dilute the lubricating fluid, making it difficult to adhere to the body, greatly reducing the lubrication effect.


10. How much do I need to use at a time?


In the beginning, apply a small amount of about 1~2 grams. After evenly spreading, you can increase the amount according to the situation to ensure that the target area is evenly and lightly covered.


11. Why do you do it after a while? Is it normal?


This is normal. It is also the advantage of water-based lubricating fluid. The composition is natural. Although it will not remain greasy like oil-based, the composition is natural and the durability is similar to the characteristics of body fluids. It is easy to volatilize.


12. Does the lubricant affect the contraceptive effect of the contraceptive suppository?


will not. A suppository is a kind of spermicide, which has a certain lubricating effect. In fact, in terms of contraception, condoms are more recommended. Spermicide itself cannot prevent sexually transmitted diseases. At the same time, there will be discomfort such as a burning sensation during use, and there is a certain probability of causing allergies or urinary system infections.


13. After using the lubricating fluid, how should I clean it?


Rinse with clean water, no need to over-clean.


14. How to save after opening? Do you want to put it in the refrigerator?


Cover the bottle cap, store it secretly, and store it at room temperature. It is not recommended to physically cool the lubricating fluid.


15. Is the lubricating fluid safe?


If you make sure that the lubricating fluid you buy is complete if it is sure that it is genuine, the lubricating fluid can make you feel upgraded, and a good bottle of lubricating fluid that suits you can make you fly!


16. Does the lubricant kill sperm? Bad for health?


Authentic and plant-derived products are safe. Lubricating fluid only plays a role in lubrication, and does not become a killer to prevent the killing of sperm, nor does it prevent sperm from entering the uterus.


17. Under what circumstances do you need lubricating fluid?


  • Lubricant is strongly recommended for postpartum dryness


Postpartum secretion disorders cause dryness in 99% of cases, but less than 6% of them can use lubricating fluid correctly to survive this period. I can't imagine how painful it is to start entering abruptly, and even because of this, different houses finally lead to the beginning of a life of almost asexual marriage. Think about it and get a cold back. The sex is painful, dry, unable to enter the state, and even unable to complete sexual intercourse smoothly.


Besides, it is recommended to use the shrinking ball for Kegel training after childbirth to enhance the contraction ability of the vagina, prevent urinary incontinence in the elderly, and can greatly increase the sense of sexual well-being.


  • Why do toys have to be used with lubricants?


Almost all mid-to-high-end toys on the market use silica gel. When the body is in contact with silica gel, the use of lubricating fluid can improve the feeling and give our body a better experience of pleasure. If there is no lubricating fluid, it will feel numb, inaccessible state, inaccessible toys, pain and so on.


  • There is no pleasure when making love, how can you achieve the kind of climax that everyone says?


Orgasm is related to the environment, mood, physical state, atmosphere, and the opponent's sex skills, and enough moisture is the basis of all these conditions.


  • Why do I always feel uncomfortable wearing a condom? Is there a better method of contraception recommended?


Condoms are made of latex (Okamoto 001, 002, Sagami 001, 002 are non-latex) although the condom itself is lubricated, it is still dry, condom + lubricant is the best match.


18. How to use lubricating fluid?


Because there are many kinds of lubricating fluids and their functions are different, let's talk about the normal use of ordinary lubricating fluids. 3-5 Soybean grain size, apply to the clitoris and vagina. If it feels dry, apply an appropriate amount to the cock.


19. Can lubricating fluid be used to walk through the back door?


can! But it is recommended to separate because the rear court lubricating fluid is more durable and lubricating. Conventional lubricants pursue refreshing and moisturizing. For example, can hand sanitiser be used to wash your face? Of course, but it is still recommended to separate, after all, the functions are different. The effect is different. Moreover, this kind of operation should try to choose silicon-based lubricating fluid, which is more durable, lubricating, and a professional lubricating fluid brand.