11 types of female orgasms, most of which are real


Most often, orgasms revolve around the vagina, clitoris and the notorious G-spot. However, the female body is capable of a much wider range of pleasures. And this should not be neglected.


1. Clitoral orgasm


The clitoris - a small dot hidden in the upper part of the labia - is woven from millions of nerve endings and is comparable in sensitivity to the penis. Touching, stroking, light massage even through the fabric cause a sharp flow of blood to this area and ... In general, most often orgasm is achieved easily and unobtrusively.


If you still have problems with clitoral pleasure, you can experiment with movements. For example, stroking the clitoris up and down. Or alternating large and small circles.


Scientists found out Women's Experiences With Genital Touching, Sexual Pleasure, and Orgasm: Results From a US Probability Sample of Women Ages 18 to 94 that different women require different directions of stimulation. Experiment on your own and involve a partner in this to find exactly those movements that end with a clitoral orgasm.


2. Orgasm from stimulation of the G-spot (vaginal)


It is believed that the mysterious and exciting G- spot is located on the front wall of the vagina, 3-5 cm from the entrance. To find it, insert your finger inside about the middle of the phalanx closest to the palm and bend it, making a slight movement towards the stomach. Felt on a slightly ribbed or spongy surface? Below it, she is the G-spot.


It is believed that it is only thanks to the G-spot that women are able to experience vaginal orgasms. However, this is not certain.


When stimulated, blood rushes to this area, it swells and gives the feeling that many women call a truly powerful orgasm . By the way, both the partner's penis and a finger or a vibrator can stimulate the G-spot.


3. Anal orgasm


Anal sex is not a pleasure for everyone: for some it seems unacceptable, for some it is unnecessarily painful. However, there are people who can get from this type of gamespleasure Women who have anal sex: Pleasure or pressure? Implications for HIV prevention ...


According to women, anal orgasm feels similar to vaginal orgasm. And in general, this is understandable: the anus and rectum from the vagina and clitoris are separated by a thin tissue, so that some muscles and nerve endings in these parts of the body are common. In particular, we are talking about the sensitive muscles of the pelvic floor (they are also Kegel muscles ).


But let us remind you once again: not every woman likes anal sex and requires some preparation. It is important to practice them in a condom after preparatory caresses. Using lubricants is a must!


4. Mixed orgasm


An orgasm is called mixed, which occurs if you stimulate not one, but several erogenous zones at once . For example, the G-spot and the clitoris. And / or nipples. And (or) the area around the anus.


The more stimulation options are involved, the better the blood flow and the more powerful the orgasm can be.


To achieve the desired variety, it is best to choose positions with the woman on top . In this case, the man will have free hands, and access to the female erogenous zones will be easier.


5. Deep vaginal orgasm


Vaginal orgasm is not limited to the G-spot. The deeper into the vagina, the more different erogenous points. For example,points Doors of Female Orgasmic Consciousness: New Theories on the Peak Experience and Mechanisms of Female Orgasm and Expanded Sexual Response Oh, U and A.


If the penis penetrates deeply, it can stimulate several of these points at once. The result is a powerful orgasm, often accompanied by contractions of the entire uterus.


6. Jet orgasm


It is sometimes called female ejaculation. This is because a certain amount of fluid can literally shoot out of the vagina and glands around the urethra.


Most often, jet orgasm occurs during vaginal contact.


However, even stroking and touching the area near the urethra can provoke an orgasm.


7. Cervical orgasm


Otherwise - orgasm of the cervix. The cervical canal connects the vagina with the uterus, it is in it that lubrication is released when excited. When a woman has an orgasm, the cervix contracts.


If the penis reaches the very neck, it can further stimulate it. The result is a series of intense muscle contractions deep in the female body.


However, it cannot be said that these internal spasms are liked by everyone. In addition, there are women who are generally not happy with excessively deep penetrations. If this is not your case, you can play with depth.


Just remember: a cervical orgasm is impossible without a clitoral or vaginal orgasm. He is a dessert, not a main course.


8. Orgasm from nipple stimulation


Women's breasts are incredibly sensitive. So much so that from caresses, kisses and strokes in this area, women are able to get the most natural orgasm.


Researchers at Rutgers University, nipple stimulation affects the same areas of the brain as clitoral and vaginal orgasms. Although the strength of the orgasm of the breast lags behind more traditional options, however, as a way to diversify the sex life, it is quite good.


9. Korgasm


It is also the orgasm that occurs when performing certain physical exercises.


Researchers interested in studying korgasm (from the English words core - "core", "muscle corset" and orgasm),suggest Coregasm: Why It Happens, How to Have One, and More that it is caused by tension in the muscles of the abdomen and pelvis.


It creates micro-vibrations that stimulate the pelvic floor and clitoris.


If a woman has the right anatomy and attitude, training can turn into a real burst of physical and emotional experience.


10. Sleepy orgasm


Pollution in men is quite common. However, this is also true for women.


As show research Nocturnal Orgasm in Women Its Relation to Psychiatric Illness, Dreams, and Developmental and Sexual Factors , a certain percentage of women can also have an orgasm during erotic dreams. Sexologists believe that sleep fantasies cause blood to flow to the genitals and other erogenous zones. And since the young ladies relax in their sleep, the orgasm rolls over easily and suddenly.


11. Multiple orgasm


Men are not lucky in this regard. But for some women - very much even. Having reached a certain state of ecstasy with the first orgasm, they find themselves on a kind of plateau, where the next orgasms cover them one by one.


Multiple orgasms can be provoked. When you feel the first peak approaching, begin to squeeze and unclench your Kegel muscles. This will cause additional blood flow to the genitals, increase sensitivity and increase the likelihood of a second, third, and subsequent orgasms.