10 sex toys worth trying


1. Vibrators - an electromechanical product designed to massage the vagina, clitoris or anus. Accordingly, there are three types of vibrators: clitoral, vaginal and anal. There are also combined models. The physiological effect of a vibrator is based on resonance with the frequency of muscle contractions of the pelvic organs during orgasm.


2. Dildos - a product that simulates an excited male penis. It is used for intercourse and masturbation. There is an almost endless variety of these toys. They can vary in color, size, shape and purpose. In stores, you can buy both traditional latex dildos and curly glass dildos. A dildo attached to thong panties is called a strap-on. But that's another story.


3.Anal stimulants - in particular the butt plug. Serves to stimulate the anus, relax before anal sex, or to narrow the vagina. The latter may be needed by a woman after childbirth, since the muscles of the vagina are significantly relaxed. Or for women with a wide vagina. There are smooth, simple butt plugs and decorated with, say, a fox or rabbit tail.


4. The anal bead is also an anal stimulant. This toy consists of several balls, which are interconnected by rigid or flexible jumpers. The balls can be different in size and color.


5. Vaginal balls- they are usually slightly larger than the balls for stimulating the anus. They serve to strengthen the muscles of the vagina. This is especially true for women after childbirth. Balls are usually made of plastic. They are placed in the vagina not only immediately before or during intercourse. A woman may well wear them while walking or at work. This is a great exercise for your vaginal muscles. Some vaginal balls are supplemented with a vibration mechanism.


6. Rings and attachments... Penile tips are used to further stimulate the walls of the vagina and clitoris in women. And this thereby accelerates the onset of orgasm. There are also erection rings that are used to maintain an erection in men. Their action is based on preventing the outflow of blood due to the tight girth of the base of the penis.


7. Erotic lingerie is a lingerie that serves to enhance the excitement of both partners. Everyone knows that nudity is less exciting than incomplete nudity. Bras and panties may have slots where the nipples and genitals are. Such underwear exists for both women and men.


8. BDSM paraphernalia... These attributes include good old handcuffs. Handcuffs are used to fix the partner's or female partner's hands, thereby limiting physical activity. Handcuffs sold in sex shops are usually framed in fur or soft cloth so as not to inadvertently injure a partner.


9. Flogger or multi-tail is a whip with several tails. Tails are thin strips of leather or leatherette. The handle of such a lash can be made in the form of a phallus. In this case, you can use such a toy as a stimulant for the anus or vagina.


10. Ankle cuffs - can be made of leather or metal. They fix the partner's legs in a certain position. They go well with handcuffs. In this case, the partner's submission will be maximum.